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| 05/29/13 03:00 | by Julietta | Categories: Announcements, b2evolution Tips
Wrap around designer Skirts for women in heather gray color with blue tie dye

one one image visible from many

Wrap around designer Skirts for women in heather gray color with blue tie dye

| 02/25/14 16:37 | by Julietta | Categories: Announcements
HTC aims to create the world's best "selfie"


HTC aims to create the world's best "selfie"

| 02/24/14 20:17 | by Julietta | Categories: Announcements

Many people use cPanel for their hosting. It's a very popular hosting panel for administration of webspace accounts. However, it can give headaches to b2evo users. Cpanel changes permissions of files and folders and sometimes places an empty .htaccess files into your domain's empty public_html folder causing abortions of fresh installation processes. One of the worst experiences with b2evo on cPanel hosted accounts occurs when transferring to a new server or host. The last time I did that I was unable to upolad media and thumbs in admin showed up as black images with red error codes written on them. It took awhile to find a work-around to this annoying and time consuming problem. I had to uload images vie sftp while logged in as root server administrator. Additionally, I had to change permissions of cache folder inside media directory to 777. It was a temorary solutuon as file browser and upload panel still displayed permission errors and no matter how I changed permissions, the problem still persisted.
Final solution: backup skins, media files and database. Then wipe out the cpanel account and create a fresh one. Install new version of b2evo cms and import database. Upload media and skin files and work out new settings. Done.

Cpanel File Permissions

| 02/22/14 09:55 | by Julietta | Categories: Server Tricks

this is some toot with sofa from Bangkok

Image for 2 Bed 2 Bath of 110sqm.

| 10/13/13 02:36 | by Julietta | Categories: Announcements

As if this song wasn't hard enough to sing, this just shows how amazing Luke is, he sang the 2nd verse twice by mistake and wasn't a bother on him.

Luke Kelly Rocky Road To Dublin (1976)

| 09/05/13 19:32 | by Julietta | Categories: b2evolution Tips

Formats of inline images and attached files require tweaking various files. This article describes what files to change and how to include your desired dimensions. You will need to access these files by ftp client. Alternatively, feel free to use Dreamweaver or File Manager in cPanel.

Full story »

Changing fit- image sizes

| 07/05/13 02:00 | by Julietta | Categories: Announcements

By default, blogs are displayed using an evoskin. (More on skins in another post.). This means, blogs are accessed through 'index.php', which loads default parameters from the database and then passes on the display job to a skin.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use the default DB parameters and want to, say, force a skin, a category or a specific linkblog, you can create a stub file like the provided 'a_stub.php' and call your blog through this stub instead of index.php . Finally, if you need to do some very specific customizations to your blog, you may use plain templates instead of skins. In this case, call your blog through a full template, like the provided 'a_noskin.php'. If you want to integrate a b2evolution blog into a complex website, you'll probably want to do it by copy/pasting code from a_noskin.php into a page of your website. You will find more information in the stub/template files themselves. Open them in a text editor and read the comments in there. Either way, make sure you go to the blogs admin and set the correct access method/URL for your blog. Otherwise, the permalinks will not function properly.

Skins, Stubs, Templates & website integration...

| 05/29/13 03:00 | by Julietta | Categories: b2evolution Tips

b2evolution comes with an .htaccess file destined to optimize the way b2evolution is handled by your webseerver (if you are using Apache). In some circumstances, that file may not be automatically activated at setup. Please se the man page about Tricky Stuff for more information.

For further optimization, please review the manual page about Performance optimization. Depending on your current configuration and on what your web hosting company allows you to do, you may increase the speed of b2evolution by up to a factor of 10!

Apache optimization...

| 05/29/13 03:00 | by Julietta | Categories: Announcements, b2evolution Tips
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